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How To: Edit SEO Options on a Product Gallery Page


While SEO is no longer one of the most important pieces to your website, it is still important that you understand how to add your SEO information to any page on Art Storefronts. One of the reasons you would add SEO information to a product gallery page is because it is very possibly your home page. If you have followed our directions on creating your home page and you have followed best practices, your home page should be a product gallery. Saying that, we find it to still be important to add SEO information to the home page of a site.


Warning: The Art Storefronts Technical Support Team CANNOT and WILL NOT tell you what to put in the boxes. The Technical Support team has not been trained on SEO and to get the best information and results for your SEO questions you need to head to the Facebook Small Wins group. That is where all marketing and SEO questions should be directed.


  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel. This is sometimes called the back-end of the site or the Site Manager. They all three mean the exact same thing. Scroll down to the Product Gallery you want to work on and click on it.


  2. A new page will load on and the next page, you need to make sure you are on the tab labeled SEO OPTIONS. If you aren’t, you won’t see the boxes we will discuss in this article and you won’t be able to update your SEO information.


  3. SEO Title is the first box you should see. This will not show up on your live website but will be included between the 'title' tags in the code of your web page. This feature is valuable for Search Engine Optimization and should include 3-5 keywords that people might search for to find this page.
    Warning: DO NOT EXACTLY DUPLICATE this SEO title on any other page of your site. Otherwise, your site could get penalized by the search engines. You always want to make sure at least one words is. No SEO title should exactly match any other SEO title on your site.


  4. The following section is Meta Keywords. Enter keywords here separated by a comma. This will not show up on your live website but will be included in the code of your web page for Search Engine Optimization purposes.
    Please Note: THESE ARE NOT THE SAME THING AS SEARCH KEYWORDS AND THEY DO NOT REQUIRE HYPHENS. If you want more information about Search Keywords, please see our article How To: Create Product Galleries Using Keywords and Clickable Categories and How To: Create Product Galleries Using Products by Keywords.


  5. The third box is Meta Description. Enter 1-2 sentences here describing this web page. These will not show up on your live website but will be included in the code of your web page for Search Engine Optimization purposes.
    Warning: Be sure you are not duplicating your Meta Descriptions on your site because this can lead to Google viewing pages as duplicate content and they may not get indexed properly.


  6. Smart URL is the final box. This will appear in the address bar of the browser, like the 'my-page' part in


  7. Once you’ve entered information in each of these boxes and you are happy with your results, click the Save If you navigate away from this page and you do not save, all this information will be lost.



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