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How To: Edit Basic Information for Images in an Art Print Store


After you’ve uploaded your images, or as you’re going through and uploading images, you may find that you would like to edit the information of the image of itself. This can include editing the names of images, artists names and many other pieces of information. Art Storefronts offers you the ability to change or alter this information at any point in time.


If you would like to learn how to edit basic information for images in an Art Print Store, please follow the directions below.

  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on the Art Print Store that contains the images you want to edit. We will be using the Art Print Store titled Shop Art.


  2. On the next page, make sure you are on the tab labeled Categories & Products. This section is where you’ll be able to find all the images you have uploaded into your Art Print Store.


  3. Scroll down the page and find the image you want to work on. Then, be sure to click on the button labeled Edit.


  4. After clicking on Edit you’re going to be taken to a new page. On this new page, make sure you are on the tab labeled Info. This is the tab that is going to contain basic information regarding your image.


  5. The first section on this tab is labeled Name. This refers, specifically, to the name of the Image that will be displayed on your site. You can change this name to anything you want, but remember that your customers will see this name so it should match the flow of the rest of your website.


  6. After that is the section labeled Artist Name. In this section, you can enter the name of the artist who produced the piece of work. You can choose whether you want your customers to see this name via the Info tab in the Art Print Store. If you do choose to display their name, be sure that you have entered information in this box.


  7. Then, there’s a section labeled Search Keywords. These keywords are ONLY used or on-site searches or with your Product Galleries. THESE KEYWORDS ARE NOT THE SAME AS META KEYWORDS AND THEY WILL NO EFFECT GOOGLE SEARCHES OR YOUR GOOGLE SEARCH RANKING. To learn more about using this keywords section, please review our articles How To: Display Product Correctly on your Home Page, How To: Set Up Categories Properly for your Home Page and How To: Add Search Keywords to Images in an Art Print Store.


  8. Short Description is the next section. Here you can enter a brief description of your image. This is generally used for talking about where a photograph was taken or when a painting was completed. This should be one or two sentences long.


  9. Long Description is the following section. In this box, you can enter in a description of the image that is longer. You should use emotional language here to create a connection with your customers. These emotional connections may help you in making more sales on your website.


  10. The final section on this page is labeled Merge With Another Product. This allows you to update images on your site. We have an entire article dedicated on how to use this. Please feel free to review How To: Replace Images After they have been Uploaded.


  11. After you’ve made all your changes and you are happy with he information you’ve written, click the Save DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON. If you use the back button, you will lose all the changes you have just made.

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