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Everything You Need To Know About Theme Versions and Migrating


In recent years, within the technology industry, there have been advances made within the realms of displays and monitors. Monitors are getting bigger and better with each passing day. This spurred Art Storefronts to look at our themes and reevaluate their look and feel.


On larger displays our older themes didn’t utilize the added space. To remedy this situation, our developers created a new set of themes that would appropriately utilize the added space that larger displays were offering. With the update to theme version 2.0, our templates now use more screen space to provide a more sprawling, comfortable and contemporary look. I’ve included a few screenshot comparisons below to show you what me mean.


Making the Switch

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about the features that have changed we can show you how to make the switch from a version 1.0 theme to a version 2.0 theme.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and toward the top of the page, find and click on the button labeled Theme. If you’ve already moved to a 2.0 theme but you want to return to a 1.0 theme, you can select that from the drop-down menu and click Reload.


  2. On the next page, you’ll see that it defaults to the Theme 2.0 options. If you’re on a 1.0 theme, you can simply scroll down the page and find the theme you want to use. Click the Activate.


  3. Your page will automatically Save so you can go ahead and click on View Live Site.


  4. You’ll see that you’ve migrated to the new theme!



The Basics

Fortune- Theme 1.0

As you can see below, Fortune 1.0 is quite a good theme. In fact, it’s one of our top converting themes, but because my monitor is so large, there’s a good amount of unused space on the side of the page.  While this isn’t the case on smaller displays, it feels like it disrupts the flow of a website on a larger display. Also, the images displayed are of a decent size, but they could certainly stand to be bigger.


Now, if I click on one of my images, it will take me to the next page where I can begin selecting a media type, size and style for the image. The image on this page is also a decent size, but we still have all that blank space to its left and right. It doesn’t feel like the space is being utilized appropriately.


The next item I want to briefly talk about is the logo section. On our 1.0 themes, when you scroll down, the logo doesn’t scroll with you. So, if a customer is half way down a page and decides that want to navigate to a different part of your website or they want to contact you, they must scroll all the way back to the top of the webpage to find the navigation bar or the contact info.


Fortune- Theme 2.0

Now, I want to show you what the 2.0 version of our Fortune theme looks like. Below you can see that it uses much more of the screen space. Things are so much more spread out and even looking. You can also tell that the images displayed are larger and more eye catching. There’s still negative space to each side, but it is better managed and proportionate to the images.


Next, if I click on one of my images, it will take me to the next page where I can begin selecting a media type, size and style for the image. On the next page, the image is so much larger and it allows the customer to get a better look at exactly what they may want to purchase. Again, we still have negative space on this page, but it is being managed in a much more effective way regarding the rest of the page.


Finally, the logo and navigation bar in all the new 2.0 themes will scroll down the page as your customer scrolls down the page. This means that, at any time, the customer can navigate to a different page or click on your logo or any other number of actions, without having to return to the top of the page. You can easily keep them engaged and navigating through your site with this specific enhancement.



One of the most important things to talk about regarding these new themes are Billboards. We’re going to provide a few screenshots below to show you the difference between theme 1.0 versions and theme 2.0 version. In addition to screenshots of those billboards, we’re going to talk a little bit about what version they are.


Legacy: Legacy Billboards were created when version 1.0 of our themes were released. These billboards are static, which means they do not expand to fit the screen size of your customers. They will not responsively adjust and because of this they will require some editing. Below, you can see that a regular, Legacy Billboard on a 2.0 theme doesn’t fill the screen.  If you want to change the Billboard size so that it matches the page width you’ll need to go to the back end of your website, select the billboard, click edit and then click on the link labeled Info. There, you’ll see a section labeled width and you’ll need to enter in 1260 and click update.


Slippery: Before the mass update to version 2.0 of our themes, we did release a few themes that were part of the 2.0 conversion. These themes were Sleek (Light and Dark) and Famous. With these new themes, a new version of a billboard was released. These are called Slippery. Because of this, we strongly urge anyone who uses a 2.0 theme to use this type of Billboard. It would certainly be worth your time to recreate your Billboards with this format as it is much more modern.


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