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[Automated Fulfillment] How To: Edit Available Media Types in an Art Print Store


As an artist using Automated Fulfillment, you aren’t going to have to create your own media types for use on your website. Because you are connected to a Fulfillment Vendor, they do all the leg work of creating media types they can offer to you for use on their website. This takes a great deal of work out of the set-up process for you, but it does limit you to offering the media types that your Vendor has available. At times, you may even find that they offer far more media types than you would like to use. Art Storefronts has a feature that allows you to pick and choose which media types you would like to offer on your website and you can change them at any point in time.


If you’d like to learn how to select the media types that are offered on your site, please follow the directions below.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the Art Print Store you want to work in. We will be working in the Art Print Store titled Warehouse.


  2. You’re going to be taken to a new page and on that page, be sure you click on the tab labeled Media. This tab is where all the offered media types are stored and where you’ll be able to get changes made.


  3. Once you’re on the Media tab, you should see a list of different media types. These are the medias offered by your Fulfillment Vendor. Each one has a slider that can be set to On or Off. If the slider is set to On, it means that images on your site will be offered on that media type. If the slider is set to Off, it means that images on your site will not be offered on that media type.
    Please Note: This applies to your entire Art Print Store. If you turn something off here it takes precedence over image specific media availability. If you need more information about image specific media availability, please see How To: Select Media Types for a Specific Image in an Art Print Store.


  4. After you’ve set the sliders to your preferred positions, click on the button labeled Save. DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. If you click the back button all the changes you just made will be lost.

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