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How To: Offer A Digital Download For Purchase


You may find that you wish to sell digital downloads to your customers. This guide will work best for customers who are self-fulfilling or print studios.  

If you want to provide a free file for your customers please go here: How To: Offer a Free Download on Your Site


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on your Art Print Store.

  2. Click on the tab labeled Media.

  3. Click Add Medium.

  4. Create a Medium and name it Digital Download. For more information on creating a medium type, please see our article How To: Add A Custom Media.

  5. Once you’ve created your Digital Download media type navigate to com and enter your e-mail address.

  6. Enter your Password.

  7. Click Sign In.

  8. Click the Upload Icon.

  9. Click Choose Files.

  10. Find the images you want to upload as Digital Downloads and click on them.

  11. Click Open and your images will be uploaded.

  12. Now, when a customer purchases a digital download from you, you can e-mail a download link to them directly from your DropBox account. You’ll need to click on the button labeled Share.

  13. Click on the button labeled Create A Link.

  14. Click on the button labeled Copy Link and the link will be copied to your clipboard.

  15. Then you can send an e-mail to your customer via your e-mail program with the link that will allow them to download the image.   

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