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How To: Create A Customer Account On your Art Storefronts Website


.Your Art Storefronts website gives your customers the option to create an account so that they can add their favorite images to a list for later. These types of accounts are also used when you want to purchase wholesale from your fulfillment vendor. If you already created your customer account and need to know the rest of the steps for purchasing wholesale, please see our article Purchase Prints for Yourself at Wholesale Prices.


  1. Navigate to your Live Art Storefronts website and click on the button in the upper right hand corner labeled Create Account.

  2. On the next page fill out the First Name field with your first name.

  3. Fill out the Last Name field with your last name.

  4. Under Company Name you may enter the name of your company if you have one.

  5. In the Phone box, enter your telephone number.

  6. Under E-mail, enter in your e-mail address.

  7. In Username, enter in the username you want to use and remember that this field will ALWAYS be case sensitive.

  8. Under Password, create a password that is at least six characters long and includes numbers and letters.

  9. In Password Confirmation, re-enter your password exactly as you previously entered it. This is case sensitive.

  10. Click on the button labeled Create Account and your Customer Account will be created.

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