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Learn: How To Discern Between Order E-mails


If you are an artist using automated fulfillment you will find that when you make a sale, you receive 2 different order e-mails to your e-mail address from your Vendor. One of these is an e-mail from your vendor, telling you that an order was placed via your website. One is an order e-mail from your website telling you that an order has been placed. They provide you the same information but each is from a separate website and neither are sent to your customer.


Vendor Order Charge Successful E-mail

Below you will see an image showing an order e-mail from Skyline to one of their Fulfillment Artists. This e-mail shows the name of the Artist who is connected to Skyline for Fulfillment. It will show the Artists name and address. This DOES NOT mean that the print is being shipped to the artist! This is only a confirmation from Skyline to their Artist stating that an order was placed.

Order Receipt E-mail

This e-mail will look nearly identical to the one you received stating that the Vendor Order Charge was successful. This DOES NOT go to your customer. This is for you to keep for your records. The Vendor Order Charge e-mail is meant to be kept by your vendor. Never, at any point will your customer ever receive this e-mail. Instead, they will receive an order confirmation e-mail from the Artists website.

Customer Order E-mail

Here you can see that this is an e-mail from the Artist site and not the Vendor site. This is the e-mail that goes out to the artist’s customer. It has the customer’s address on it, which is where the Vendor will ship the order to.

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