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How To: Offer Downloadable iPhone Wallpapers


When running an online Art Gallery you want to entice customers to look at your art and possibly buy from your site in any way you can. One of the best ways to entice people to buy is through the use of free downloads, especially for things like phone backgrounds. Fortunately, you have the option of offering these types of downloads on your Art Storefronts website.


If you want to learn how to offer a free iPhone background on your site, please follow the directions below.


Please Note: This article assumes that you already have a Photo Gallery set up on your Art Storefronts website. If you don’t have a Photo Gallery on your site, you’re going to need to create one. If you need more information on this process, please review our articles on Creating and Using a Photo Gallery.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on the Photo Gallery page that you want to work in. We will be working in the Photo Gallery labeled iPhone Wallpapers.


  2. Next, you need to make sure you have images uploaded to your Photo Gallery. If you don’t have any photos uploaded, you’ll need to find and upload them. If you need more information on this, please review our article How To: Add Photos to a Photo Gallery.


  3. After making sure you have images uploaded into the Photo Gallery, you need to find the tab labeled Info and click on it.


  4. Once on the Info tab, scroll down to the section labeled Lead Content. This is where you will need to provide your customers with information on how to download these images on their iPhones. Click on the button labeled Source.


  5. After clicking on the Source button, copy the following code.
    <p><span style="font-size:14px;"><strong>How To Use: </strong></span>&nbsp;FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE:&nbsp;<span style="font-size:14px;">Simply tap on the image you want then tap and hold on the image tap save image. The image will be saved to your camera roll. Find image in your camera roll tap on share <img alt="" src=",w_1000/v1500837314/cesb0cqlz26lrn4us2qg.jpg" style="width: 25px; height: 25px;" />&nbsp;slide over to USE AS WALL PAPER <img alt="" src=",w_1000/v1500837545/jsuseqq826nbuluy4mvb.jpg" style="width: 30px; height: 43px;" />&nbsp;and follow the instructions. You will then have the piece of art available as a wallpaper on your phone.&nbsp;</span></p>


  6. Then, paste that code into the box labeled Lead Content.


  7. After pasting the code into the Lead Content Box, click on the box labeled Source. You should then see that the instructions are in the box.


  8. From there, click the Save DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. If you click the back button you will lose all the work your just did.

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