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How To: Use Custom Mail Templates with the Lead Capture Tool


If you're looking to make your followup email that is sent out from the Lead Capture Tool more personalized, you have the ability to do this via a template with MailChimp. Art Storefronts offers a download for our Romance Email Template that you can use for this process.

Art Storefronts Recommendation
This process is optional! If you are looking to quickly start marketing you can use the basic information that is provided in How To: Set Up the Lead Capture Tool article. Do NOT feel like you are required to do this. You can always come back to this and do it later.

Before you get started on this video, you need to download the ROMANCE TEMPLATE


What do I do next?

Now that you have your outgoing email with your discount coupon set up and customized you want to begin setting up automated outgoing reminder emails for people so you can encourage them to use the coupon before the deadline. To learn more about setting this up, please follow the directions in How To: Set Up Email Automation for the Lead Capture Tool

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