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How To: Create a Custom Billboard Using


You will sometimes want to include a billboard on some of the pages in your store.  While we recommend using the billboards sparingly, it is still a perfectly fine option.  That being said you will need to design the billboard so that the width is Exactly 1400px and the height is no more than 500px.  We specify those dimensions so that your customers will be more likely to still see the content on your page without the billboard taking up too much page real estate.

This guide will outline how to create a custom billboard using


1.  Go to




2.   Click on Log in.




3.  Enter your username and password.




4.  Click Log in.




5.  Click on Use custom dimensions.




6.  We will now need to set our width to EXACTLY 1400px.




7.   Set your height to no more than 500px.  We will use 500px for this example.




8.  Click on Design!




9.  On the following page we will select our layout.  Click on whichever layout best suits your needs - We will be using the default layout for this example.




10.  Click on BKGROUND.




11.  Click on your banner and press the delete key to remove the default background.




12.  Now you will need to select whichever background you would like to use for your billboard.  We will be using the blue background shown below.




13.  It's now time to start adding any text we want to use.  Click on Text.





14.  Click on Add heading.




15.   You will notice that it added an editable header field to your billboard.  Click on the words Add heading inside your billboard.




16.  Enter the text that you want to use and use the text controls at the top to change the font, size, color, and other formatting options.




17.  Once you are happy with how your billboard looks click on Download.




18.  You should now see a pop-up window.  The only thing we need to do now is click on Download to download our billboard.




For information on how to upload and use your new billboard please read over our article How To: Create A Slippery Billboard.



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