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[Master Article] How To: Set Up and Use Payment Gateways


One of the most important features on your website is the possibility to sell your Art. For your customers to be able to shop on your website, you need to set up Payment Gateways. In this article, we would like to provide you with the list of the available Payment Gateways, walk you through the process of setting them up and provide information for some common troubleshooting steps.

If you would like to accept credit cards on your website, you’ll need to use one of the Payment Gateways. At the moment there are two different options available to set up as Payment Gateways on your website:  Stripe and Additionally, you can use PayPal as a payment method, but you should have also enabled one of the Payment Gateways (Stripe or, to be able to accept credit cards as well.  


Art Storefronts offers several different payment gateway options, but we strongly suggest using Stripe in the beginning because they are the easiest and fastest to set up. You may choose to use another payment gateway, but it may slow down your work flow and cause you to delay launching your Art Storefronts site.




Stripe is the first option for a Payment Gateway that we recommend. This company allows you to accept credit cards and is our preferred Payment Gateway as the easiest to set up.
The next is which also allows you to accept Credit Cards. We generally find this to be a great option for ASF users who live in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.

If you would like to accept PayPal transactions on your website, ASF allows that possibility. PayPal will work alongside either of the vendors above, and provide an additional payment option on your site.


NOTE: Please note that, should you decide to implement PayPal as a payment method on your website, we would strongly recommend using it in a combination with either Stripe or, to avoid customers being limited to PayPal payments only, and not being able to pay with Credit Cards. 


If you find it difficult to understand or complete any of these tasks of setting up your payment method, please feel free to e-mail and one of our Technical Support Agents will reach out to you as soon as possible.


If you need to contact Stripe Support, please visit Stripe offers Chat, Email, and 24/7 Phone Support for all users.
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