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How To: Use Headers, Footers, Trust Badges and Logos


To offer as many useful features as possible, Art Storefronts has provided all its customers the ability to use things like Headers, Footers, Trust Badges and Logos on their site.


Many of these items are going to need to be contended with for your website to be following the best practices that Art Storefronts provides. Because of this, Art Storefronts wanted to offer several articles about these items and how to use them.


If you are having difficulties following any of these steps or issues understanding them, please e-mail One of our Technical Support Agents will reach out to you as soon as possible.


One of the most important parts of your website is going to be getting a logo uploaded.


This helps your website look more professional. More than that you look like a legitimate business and it leads your potential customers to trust you and feel more at ease purchasing from you.

After you’ve got a Logo uploaded you may find that you want to provide your customers with an announcement on your site.


ASF offers an announcement bar that will display on every page of your site and can be used for things like sales or upcoming events!

From here, you can move on to editing your Footer.


The footer is a great place for copyright information. However, you can also use the footer to provide links to other pages on your site or even display your hours of operation and contact information for your customers. This Footer will show up on every page of your site!

The last thing to look at is going to be Trust Badges.


Trust Badges are items that you can use on your sight to make it even more trustworthy. Many other sites on the Internet use these. They can be anything from a Trusted Seller Badge to a Return Policy Badge. Art Storefronts offers premade badges, but if you want something that is not offered you will need to use custom code.

Please Note: ASF cannot assist with any custom coding at all. If you decide to do this you need to hire a developer or know exactly what you are doing. If the code does not work or breaks, ASF will only suggest you remove it.


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