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[Master Article] [For Everyone] How To: Set Up Pricing


When using Art Storefronts one of your goals is going to be to make a profit on your Art. To do this, you need to be sure to create and set up pricing on your website. Without pricing, you won’t have a way of marking up or selling your Art.


In this article, we’re going to address the different pricing structures offered on Art Storefronts. There’s something for everyone from a Print Studio, to a Self-Fulfilling Artist and Automated Fulfillment Artists. We’ll have each item labeled clearly below.


If you have any issues figuring out what pricing option to use or you have trouble completing the steps in one of these articles, please reach out to and a Technical Support Agent will reach out to you as soon as possible.


If you’re a Print Studio, Gallery or Self-Fulfilling Artist, you have a couple of different options regarding pricing. We offer you the ability to set up Fixed pricing. This is a pricing system that allows you to enter in the sizes of your Art and a fixed dollar amount per media, style finish, frame or print options.


If you need a more robust pricing system you can choose to use Smart Pricing. This allows you to set prices for your art based off the square unit and can be used for setting prices of media, styles, frames, and print options.


Please Note: If you are an Artist using Automated Fulfillment, you will not be able to set your prices using the Fixed or Smart pricing option.

As a Print Studio, Gallery, or Self-Fulfilling Artist you can also set up tiered pricing. This proves useful when you are offering similar media types but there are those that are higher quality than others. You can also use this option if you are selling art from multiple artists and need to differentiate between price points.


Please Note: If you are an Artist using Automated Fulfillment, you won’t have the ability to set up tiered pricing.

Artists using Automated Fulfillment won’t have the ability to set up pricing using Fixed or Smart Pricing. Instead they will have to use Mark-Ups. Effectively, your Fulfillment Vendor will set a base price that you will be charged for specific media types. You will be able to go in and apply a mark-up to those base prices to make a profit.


Please Note: If you are a Print Studio, Gallery or Self-Fulfilling Artist you will not have the ability to use the mark-up pricing option.


Once you have your pricing set up you may want to turn your attention toward setting up a Payment Gateway so you can attempt a test purchase on your website. If you’re interested in learning more about payment gateways and running test transactions, please see our article [Master Article] [For Everyone] How To: Set Up and Use Payment Gateways.

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