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[Master Article] [Self-Fulfillment] How To: Create and Use Frames


If you’re a Print Studio, Gallery, or Self-Fulfilling Artist you can create and use custom frames on your Art Storefronts site. You can create regular frames, frames with Mats and Floater Frames.


In this article, we’re going to provide you with links to several articles and brief descriptions of them. These articles are going to walk you through the process of setting up frames of all types as well as getting them uploaded to your Store. These frames can be used in Art Print Stores and Art Upload Stores. They will not be available in Standard Stores.


If you encounter any issues completing these processes or are confused, please e-mail One of our Technical Support Agents will reach out to you as soon as possible, but please keep in mind our team cannot assist you with issues in PhotoShop or issues with any custom coding you may end up using.


If you’ve got your Art Print or Art Upload Store created you may find that you want or need to offer Frames. Fortunately, Art Storefronts offers a variety of framing options and tutorials for you to use.


First, you can create a Standard Frame. This frame will not include a Mat and it will not be considered a Floater Frame.


Second you can create a Frame with a Mat. These frames will have a mat applied to them so your customers can visualize what it is they are buying. As an aside, you can offer frames with mats of different colours, but it will require custom coding and it is considered and advanced process.


Third you can offer a Floater Frame. These frames are generally used for things like canvas and follow almost the same process as a frame with a Mat.

After you’ve created all the frames you’re going to need for your site, you’ll want to upload them into your specified store.

Finally, if you’re an advanced user or a business that deals mostly in the selling of frames, ASF has put together a brief guide on setting up a Quoting tool for use with framing.


Once you’ve finished the process of setting up frames in your Store, you may want to take a look into creating a Standard Store to sell things like t-short, mugs or even greeting cards. For more information on Standard Stores, please see [Master Article] [For Everyone] How To: Set Up a Standard Store.

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