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[Master Article] How To: Use the Contacts Section


Art Storefronts wants you to be able to gather and use contacts in as many easy-to-use ways as possible. Because of this we have implemented several different ways to capture contacts and put them to use. 


In this article, we’re going to walk you through some of the basic steps you’ll want to take to get the ball rolling regarding gathering your contacts and using them effectively.


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After your Segments are created, you can begin adding contacts to your website manually. This is a great option if you’ve captured e-mail addresses from people out in the real world. In addition, you can also manually edit contacts on your site.

You can start importing contacts from lists in places other than Art Storefronts.


If you were previously gathering e-mails from your customers, importing them to ASF may be helpful in the sense that all your contacts are in the same place.


The flip side to that is you can export all your customers from Art Storefronts as well. This can be used if you keep that list saved elsewhere or want it for any other purpose.

The final thing you may need to know about contacts is how to remove several at a time. Bulk Deleting Contacts on Art Storefronts can be useful if you find someone has created multiple accounts and they are confusing themselves when logging in.

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