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How To: Add a Free Embedded Calendar for Print Studios & Artists


This is an easy way for a Print Studio or a Artist who travels to shows/events to embed a calendar of their upcoming events.

1.  First, we need to create our free account on the Team Up website.



2.  Click on Create a free calendar.





3. On the following page name your calendar.





4.  Enter in the email address that you want to associate with your teamup account.





5.  Select your preferred language.





6.  Next, select your time zone.





7.  For Subscription Plan be sure to select Basic (Free).





8.  Select Empty Calendar for the Template.  We can customize our calendar later.





9.  Click on Create Calendar.





10.  Once your calendar is created, we should land on our Calendar page.




11. We should now edit some settings for our Calendar, we can do this by clicking on the pancake menu in the top right.





12.  Click on Settings.





13.  You will need to make sure your date & time are correct and then customize the rest of your calendar to your liking.  For more information on calendar customization, please see Teamup's knowledge base.




14.  Once we are done customizing our calendar, we should head over to the Sharing section.




15. We need to copy down the Reader w/o Details link, or leave the tab/window open to come back to.




16. Take our read only link and go back to our Art Storefronts control panel and create a Standard page for our calendar if we do not have one already.  Start by clicking on the Pages tab.





17.  Click on + ADD PAGE.






18.  Name your page whatever you would like.  In this example we will name our page Calendar.






19.  Be sure to select Standard Page.






20.  Click on Create.






21.  Once the Standard page is created click on the Content tab.




22. Click on the Source button in the WYSIWYG editor.



23. We now need to paste the following code into the source box.

<iframe src="READ-ONLY-LINK GOES HERE" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="700"></iframe>





24. Once the above code is placed into the source content box, we need to now grab our Read-Only link that we saved earlier and replace "READ-ONLY-LINK GOES HERE".  For example:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="700"></iframe>

Please note that our support team will not be able to help you troubleshoot this code if you are having issues getting it to work as it falls outside their scope of support.






25. Once we have inserted the code make sure to click on the Save button.






26.  Now we can go to our live site to make sure the calendar shows up correctly.  Click on Preview Site.






27.  Your Calender page should look something like the following:



Other Notes:

1.) Make sure you do not give out the "Add Events" or "Administrator" link in the sharing section. This is for you and your employees only.

2.) Paid plans are available which add more functionality, connections, and password protection, etc.

3.) An example of what the calendar looks like can be found here on our Print Studio Best Practices website:

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