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[Master Article] How To: Create and Use Billboards or Banners


Art Storefronts offers you the ability to use items called Billboards across your website. Billboards are slideshows that can showcase your art or other items and can make a page a little more eye-catching. Billboards are what we call the large images you can add to the top of the page similar to banners images. We refer to them differently because they have more functionality than traditional banner images do.


Here we’re going to provide you a few articles and some information how to create and use these.


Warning: If you are an Artist (of any kind) or a Gallery, Art Storefronts strongly advises against using a Billboard on your homepage. The reason being, a billboard may push your art “below the fold” and cause the customer to scroll down. On average, a customer only spends three seconds on a web page before navigating away from it.


Please Note: Before you get started with Billboards it’s important to understand that your site speed is greatly affected by the size and number of images you use on it. If you refuse to compress your images for Billboards, you may encounter slow site speeds. Art Storefronts will not have the ability to resolve this for you. Instead, we will ask that you make sure you use 3-5 images per Billboard, and your images should be saved as JPGs with pixel dimensions under 1200px width and 480px height.


Currently, ASF offers 3 different billboard types.


The first is Legacy. This is an older, less dynamic Billboard type, but may fit your needs depending on the theme you are using as well as the look of your overall site.


The second type is Slippery. These are the Billboards that ASF recommends you use on your website. They are more dynamic and responsive than Legacy. They also include new fade effects and features.


The third type is Looping Video. These will only be displayed by default to visitors using desktop browsers, and will play an uploaded video without any sound.

After you’ve got a Billboard in place you can use a few different websites to help you create some amazing banner and Billboard images.


The two sites we’ve had the most luck with and that tend to make the best-looking images are Fotor and Canva.

Finally, you may realize that you need to add links or SEO information to the images in a Billboard. Fortunately, ASF has you covered and provides articles that will walk you through this information.


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