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How To: Increase the Height of the Custom Medium Selections on Your Live Site


Sometimes customers will name their mediums with longer than normal descriptions.  This article will help break down how to increase the medium selection options to better fit longer descriptions.  See the image below of the site that we are using to showcase this issue:




Notice how the text, Medium description is too long to fit inside here is extending past the boundary of the box it is in.  To extend those boxes we will need to follow these steps:


1.  Go to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on Settings.





2. In the Settings, click on the Scripts Tab.



3.  Scroll down and click on the <Body> tab.





5.  Enter in the following code:

.medium-height {height: [YOUR DESIRED HEIGHT]px !important; }





6.  You will need to change [YOUR DESIRED HEIGHT] to whatever pixel height works for you.  In this example we will use 115px.  So in this example our code would end up looking like this:

.medium-height { min-height: 115px; }


Please note that the default pixel height is 88px, so your desired height will probably end up being somewhere around 100px.





7.  Click on Save.





8.  Your medium text should now be contained in the box without any words spilling out.



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