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Marketing Advisement Services


Do you find yourself too busy to do an in-depth site audit, or an analytics review?

Or, do you think that you could benefit from having an expert look at what you are doing, and help to specifically guide you in the right direction?

You’re not alone. The fact is: no business owner can do it all.

If you’re not busy enough right now, maybe you just need an art marketing expert to audit your approach on a macro level, and help guide you in the right direction.

When you reach a point where you are too busy, you may need an expert to help you perform tasks of high importance that you just can’t get to (such as a monthly analytics review, or an in-depth site audit) - tasks that you know will have a big impact on your business.

In order to help fill this gap, and to help support you, Art Storefronts provides both Free and Paid Advisement Services.


Free Options

  • The "Small Wins" Facebook Group offers a substantial amount of information. The topics range anywhere from how to grow your business audience to breakdowns of marketing habits as well as website best practice realignment. If you are unsure where you should go next now that your website is live, make sure you have joined this group!
  • Weekly workshops with our Marketing Specialist: Weekly Workshop Schedule 


Paid Options

As you may know, hiring marketing experts is normally something that is extremely expensive (normally no less than several thousands of dollars, even for small projects). Because of this, we believe the paid services we are offering below are revolutionary - not just for the art industry, but for any industry. Our suite of Paid services allows you to obtain direct advisement from Art Storefronts experts. As you will see below, we offer a wide range of packages. We even offer recurring services for those who prefer slightly longer term advisement, allowing them to save a little money by purchasing more.

Here is what makes the Art Storefronts Advisement Services unique:

We are the foremost experts in both eCommerce and Marketing in your specific industry. You could not hire a marketing firm who has more experience, or who sees more data across more businesses than we do.

We support hundreds (if not thousands) of businesses that are similar to yours. As such, we are in a unique position to provide highly valuable advice.

We offer specific packages that cover big problems we’ve identified in your industry and offer them at affordable prices (i.e. drastically more affordable than hiring your own marketing expert). We do this in order to make these important services available to the widest audience possible.

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