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Everything You Need To Know About Design Customization


Art Storefronts is committed to assisting our customers in creating beautiful and functional websites. However, there are limitations to what our technical support team can assist with. One area that we are unable to assist with is Custom Design. We've outlined the limitations on support as follows:

  1. Art Storefronts allows you access to quite a bit, but we don't allow access to everything
    1. Art Storefronts gives its customers quite a bit of leeway with what they can customize, but that doesn't mean that we can give web developers or designers access to everything.   If you're a developer or programmer looking to do some deep theme customization, you may be better off building a WordPress site and then simply using the Store Page from Art Storefront as a bolt on. A number of our most successful customers use our platform in this way. 
  2. Art Storefronts does not provide any custom design or coding services
    1. First and foremost, Art Storefronts does not provide any custom design or coding services.  
  3. Art Storefronts provides default Themes and we urge you to use them
    1. Art Storefronts provides default Themes that are optimized to maximize your sales and are backed by data.  Themes are essentially “templates” that you can use to immediately take your website live.  
    2. We urge every customer NOT to implement any structural changes to our themes.  By this we mean, do NOT move elements around into different places, and do NOT add new elements that don’t already exist in the theme.  
    3. If you want to adjust a color or font here or there, no problem.  Our Theme Editor will handle that. Learn How To: Use The Theme Editor (Edit Design Button).
    4. We urge everyone to use our Theme Editor with discretion.  All of our Themes are minimalist by design, allowing the artistic imagery to be the focal point.  We use no conflicting colors, just a combination of neutral blacks and grays, and try to keep everything simple.  
  4. Understanding and Accepting the Risks of Making Structural Changes
    1. Before you make any structural changes to your website, you need to understand the risks involved.  The risk in making structural changes is that you will introduce variables that will negatively affect the sales performance of your website, and could possibly negate the entire Conversion Science that our marketing department has spent years perfecting.  
    2. You should never attempt to make structural changes without having a scientific process in place to measure the before and after effect of such changes to the performance of your website.  We recommend hiring an external marketing firm that specializes in Conversion Optimization before making any of these changes, so that you can be properly guided on how to implement such changes and how to track the effects of such changes.
  5. When You Add Custom Code to a Website, You Waive the Right to Receive Technical Support for that Code and for the Theme you are currently using.  
    1. If you insist on making structural changes to your website, and our Theme Editor will not accommodate your need, you will then need to add custom code.  If you have made the decision that adding custom code is necessary, you need to do so with the understanding that the Art Storefronts technical support that is included in your purchase does not cover custom code.  In other words, once you implement custom code, we can no longer provide technical support for that code nor for the theme you have altered.  
    2. We can only provide technical support for themes that do not have custom code implemented onto them.  Aside from your theme, we will still provide you with the normal technical support covered by your license.  
    3. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, supporting custom code and providing advice related to custom code is not something that comes included in your purchase with Art Storefronts.  In the event that an external web developer needs advice from our developers about implementing custom code, we bill for this separately, according to the current rates.  
    4. If you have implemented custom code but have decided that you would rather receive technical support for your themes, you will need to remove all custom code that you have implemented.  Or, change your theme to one that has no custom code implemented.
  6. When Implementing Custom Code, You Must Hire a Third-Party Professional Web Developer with Expert Skills in HTML, CSS, and potentially Javascript (depending on the required changes).  
    1. In order to implement custom code, you will need to hire a professional web developer with expert skills in HTML, CSS, and potentially Javascript.  Your web developer should be able to read Everything You (And Your Developer) Need To Know About Code Customization, and they should read our simple article on How To: Edit Your Design Using Custom Coding, in order to implement their code.  
    2. While we may make recommendations about potential third-party web developers that you can use to make structural changes, we do not guarantee the work of any third-party developer nor will we provide any support for their custom code.  
    3. It is your responsibility to fully vet any third-party developer you intend to hire to add custom code, before you decide to hire them, and before you let them work on your website.    
    4. To implement your own custom design, or to make advanced changes to your design, we would recommend employing a professional web development firm.
    5. You, as well as your Third-Party Web Developer, Will Be Responsible For Testing, Maintaining, and Fixing any Bugs both now and in the future related to your custom code.
      1. You and/or your web developer will be responsible for testing, maintaining, and fixing any bugs related to your code both now and in the future, so we recommend choosing someone you trust. 
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