[Master Article] How To: Use the WYSIWYG Editor- Start Here

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Art Storefronts offers you the ability to add content to every single page on your website. These boxes where you can add content use something we call WYSIWYG (wiz-e-wig) editor. Basically, this is the tool that will allow you to change your font colours, its size and a number of other things.
In this article we will be providing you with quite a bit of information about the WYSIWYG Editor, however, all of this information is important in learning exactly how to use this tool and maximize its effectiveness.

  1. Common Functions of the WYSIWYG Editor
  2. How To Paste Text Into The WYSIWYG Editor
  3. How To Upload Images Via the WYSIWYG Editor
  4. How To Create Link and Anchors in the WYSIWYG Editor
  5. How To Use The Source Code Section in the WYSIWYG Editor
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