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How To: Create a Segment for Custom Tags



At this point, your MailChimp account should already be Integrated and Verified. If you haven't completed those two steps, you absolutely must do so in order to make sure your Art Storefronts website will work properly with MailChimp. If you're sure you've done that, you can move on to creating the Segment you need to use on Art Storefronts and then you can set up the option to sync contacts from Art Storefronts to MailChimp. To learn more about these processes you can click on one of the links below and you'll be taken directly to that section in this article:



Segments allow you to separate your customers into different groups. By separating your contacts into segments, you can have applicable tags automatically apply to them within Mailchimp. Want to separate your customers from your subscribers? Easy! Want to tag everyone who signed up at an art show? Not a problem! Want to sort your customers based on whether they like their chili with beans or without? Weird, but completely possible with segments!


Creating a Segment

  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager, and in the Jump To Menu select the option labeled Contacts.

  2. Click on the tab labeled Segments.

  3. Click on the button labeled Add Segment.

  4. Provide the Segment with a Name.

  5. Click Create.

  6. On the next page you can change the Name of the Segment if you find that you made a mistake.


After the recent Mailchimp 3.0 update, contacts will automatically sync to your lists whenever added to the contact manager. They will have tags added according to their site behavior, but placing them in a segment will also ensure that a tag with the name of the segment will be added to the contact in Mailchimp. This will let you create your own custom tags and specifically target them in future campaigns!







  1. My page won’t save.
    1. You likely need to use an approved browser. If you’re using anything other than Firefox or Chrome, you should stop and use either Chrome or Firefox.
    2. If you’re using an approved browser, you may need to clear your cache. Check out how to clear the cache by using the article on How To: Clear your Cache.


What do I do next?

By this stage you should have set up your Mailchimp account, and both connected it with your ASF and verified the connection. You should now be ready to set up your Newsletter Sign-up page and Lead Capture Tool. To set this up please read this article: Master Article: How To Use the Lead Capture Tool

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