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FAQ: Suggested Content Page for Fulfillment Vendors


Are you an Approved Fulfillment Vendor?


We have created some content for you to place on your website to assist with directing your artist(s) to the appropriate party should they have questions. This is an optional page, but we highly suggest you implement a similar FAQ section on your website to assist with contacts you may get in the future. This will assist your artists in understanding who is responsible for what aspect of their website and sales process.


The content in [RED] is meant to be replaced with your company's information, and you are free to alter or edit any of the text below, as needed. We hope that the following content will assist in reducing the number of contacts your company receives for questions that fall outside of the scope of support you are able to provide, and direct them back to ArtStorefronts, as necessary!






The purpose of this page is to provide information for Art Storefronts customers that have chosen to use [insert company name] for their fulfillment of art prints.  First off, welcome aboard!  We are glad to have you, and hope that you will consider using us for all of your printing needs -- both online, and offline.  We are experts in fine art and photography reproduction, and can ship anywhere in [list countries][Please read more about us here].


As an artist, photographer, or art gallery, our overall goal is to provide you with the highest quality prints and make your life easier as you try to grow your business.


How It Works


If you haven't seen this already, here's the information Art Storefronts provides on the Everything You Need To Know About The Fulfillment Set-Up for Artists


Keep in mind -- the entire fulfillment process from a software standpoint, including all emails, how credit cards are charged, etc. is all handled by the Art Storefronts software.  It is not handled by us.  So, if you have any questions about how it works, please contact the Art Storefronts Technical Support.  We do not have access to your website account, we cannot see what you are seeing, and will not be able to advise you on any of this.


We can only see your print orders that have been paid for, which you should also be able to see in your "Vendor Purchases" section as outlined in the article above.  If you have not paid for an order, we will not be able to see it.  Therefore, we obviously will not be able to communicate about it, nor ship it. 


When to Contact Us / When to Contact Art Storefronts


As a Vendor Fulfillment partner, all we are responsible for is producing and shipping the orders we receive from you, as they are received.  Therefore, if you have questions about or issues with the products we produced or shipped for a given print order, please [contact us here] to get it resolved. 


If you have questions about any other topic, please contact the Art Storefronts Technical Support.  This includes issues with receiving payments into your merchant account, emails for orders, or any other technical issues related to your website and the ordering process.


Please keep in mind that we are not website experts.  We do not have access to see your website account and we cannot provide technical support for any issues you are experiencing with your Art Storefronts account.  We are also not billing you for this service.  We only bill you for the prints we sell you, and that is all we can support.


How to Order Wholesale from Your Own Website


If you take orders in person (at art fairs, or in your art gallery, for example), there is even a way you can place a wholesale order right from your website for yourself, or on behalf of your customer, and we can drop ship the order directly to your customer.  As the article points out, you can submit a resale certificate to us and once we approve, you can also buy tax-exempt


By consolidating all your print fulfillment with one company, this is a fantastic way to keep all of your art prints consistent with each other from a quality standpoint.  Regardless of where your customer is, having print-to-print consistency is important if you want to build a high quality art brand.  In addition, since all of your purchases are tracked within the Art Storefronts software, you will have all of these purchases tracked in one place.  This will make your accounting process easier, leaving you more time to execute on growing your business. 

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