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How To: Bulk Edit Items In A Specific Folder In An Art Print Store


When you’re working in an Art Print Store you may find that you want to edit several images. The prospect of editing one image at a time is daunting though and quite time consuming. Instead, if you find you have several images that need to have the same edits made, you will want to Bulk Edit them.


If you would like to learn how to Bulk Edit items in an Art Print Store, please follow the directions below.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the Art Print Store you want work in. We will be working in the Art Print Store titled Warehouse.


  2. After clicking on the Art Print Store, you’ll be taken to a new page. On this new page, find the tab labeled Products. This tab will allow you to access all the images you have previously uploaded. You’ll be able to edit them on this tab.


  3. Scroll down and find the images you want to Edit. They maybe in a folder. Once you find them, put a check-mark next to each one that you need to Bulk Edit.


  4. Once you’ve check-marked everything you want to work on, click the link labeled Bulk Edit.


  5. A new page is going to pop up and it contains several options. You’ll need to pick the option that best suits your needs.
    1. Edit Available Sizes: This allows you to enter in the sizes you would like to offer. They must be in a width by height format.
      Please Note: If you are an Artist using Automated Fulfillment, this feature will be a bit more stringent because you will not be allowed to offer sizes for images that aren’t offered by your Vendor or that do not match the images aspect ratio.
    2. Edit Artist Name: This allows you to change the name of the Artist for each image.
    3. Add Search Keywords: You can add Search Keywords to multiple images at a time.
      Please Note: THESE KEYWORDS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GOOGLE SEARCH RANKING. If you need more information about keywords and why they are important, please see How To: Display Products Correctly on your Home Page, How To: Set Up Categories Properly for your Home Page, and How To: Add Search Keywords to Products in an Art Print Store.
    4. Remove Search Keywords: This allows you to remove Search Keywords from multiple images at once.
    5. Edit Canvas Options: This allows you to turn specific canvas options off or on for the specified images.
      Please Note: If you are an Artist using Automated Fulfillment, you may still see this option, but your Vendor controls the Canvas Options and you cannot turn them on or off.
    6. Edit Default Medium: This allows you to choose which medium you want to use as the default for specified images.
    7. Edit Medium Availability: Here you can choose what media types you’d like to offer for the specified products.


  6. After choosing the appropriate option, fill out the required box, or move the appropriate sliders.


  7. Click the button labeled Bulk Update.


  8. You’ll then see a message stating that your Product have been Updated. You’ll want to click Ok and wait five to ten minutes before checking for those changes. They can take some time to appear on the website.

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