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How To: Give Art Storefronts Access To Your Google Analytics For Use in Case Studies


If you are interested in allowing your data to be used in our case studies, you’ll definitely want to follow the directions below. If you haven’t set up Google Analytics or need guidance in doing so, please check out our blog How To Install Google Analytics and our Self Help article How To: Install Google Analytics.


By allowing Art Storefronts to use your data in our Case Studies you are directly contributing to making Art Storefronts better. You’re also helping out current and future customers because the information we gather helps us improve our statistics and conversions.


Please Note: If you are having issues with Google Analytics and statistics from Google, please reach out on the forums or review the ASF Blog. Technical Support cannot offer assistance with statistics or Google Analytics. If you have trouble installing the code for the Analytics, e-mail


  1. Navigate to Google Analytics and click Sign In.

  2. Click on the option that says Google Analytics.

  3. Click on the button labeled Admin.

  4. Click on the option, in the Account column, click on User Management.

  5. In the box labeled Add Permissions For box, enter the e-mail address

  6. In the Permissions box, make sure to put a check mark next to each option so we have full access to the data to be included in the Case Studies.

  7. Next, click Add. The address will be added and then Art Storefronts will be able to use your information in case studies.

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