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Everything You Need To Know About The Conversion Doctor

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The Conversion doctor is a feature Art Storefronts has recently added and allows Art Sellers and Printing Companies a complete, linear view of their conversion funnel. This tool allows you to review conversion rates on specific pages and get a better look at sales and in turn will allow you to gain the traction you need in order to be as successful as possible. If you're interested in reading more about the Conversion Doctor,  check out our blog post Announcing The Conversion Doctor


Please Note: If you are having issues understanding the Conversion Doctor, please reach out to users on the forums. Technical Support cannot help you decipher the conversion rates or data contained in this tool. If you have issues with the Conversion Doctor not loading or you are having a Technical Issue, please e-mail


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and in the Jump To Menu, select the option Stats.

  2. Find the tab labeled Conversion and click on it.

  3. Scroll down and choose the Start Date and End Date you would like to review.

  4. Click Refresh.

  5. Scroll down to the section labeled Conversion Data. This is where you can review Conversion Rates and your stats.

  6. You can also hover over Tooltips (the blue circles with the white question mark) in order to receive a little more information about each section.

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