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How To: Create An Art Cluster


An Art Cluster is a collection of photos that can be customized by your customer, printed out and sold to your customer. It gives them complete control over the images in the cluster, so unlike an Art Wall, this is customizable to the customer’s specific interests whether that’s family, their pets or anything else they are interested in. Because of the nature of this feature, it is only offered to our Print Studios. Artists and Galleries do not have access to this feature and thus do not have the ability to use it.


If you want to learn how to create an Art Cluster in a Standard Store, please follow the directions below. 


Warning: If you are not a Print Studio, you will not be able to access or use this feature.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and find the Standard Store you want to work in. You will not be able to create Art Clusters in any store other than a Standard Store. We will be working in the Standard Store titled Art Clusters.


  2. You’ll be taken to a new page and on this new page, you need to make sure you are on the tab labeled Products. This is important because this is the only tab that is going to allow us to create Art Clusters. Any other tab will not give us the appropriate options to create the Art Cluster.


  3. Once you’re sure you’re on the appropriate tab, find the button labeled Add Product and click on it. This is the button that will allow us the option to begin creating our Art Cluster.

  4. On the next page, the first option you’ll see is Type of Product. From that drop-down menu, you need to choose the option labeled Art Cluster If you choose any other option, you aren’t going to be able to create an actual Art Cluster.


  5. After that, there’s a section labeled Name. Here you need to enter in a name for this specific Art Cluster. This name will be visible to your customers so you need to make sure it is clear and concise. It should tell the customer exactly what they need to know about the product.


  6. After you’ve completed each field on this page, you need to make sure you click the Save DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. If you click the back button all your changes will be lost and you will have to start this process over.


  7. The next page will appear and have a large amount of information on it. After that, there is a button labeled Add Photos. You can use this option to upload example photos of what an Art Cluster looks like. We recommend no more than five images here to make sure load times stay low. Furthermore, you can only upload images up to 5mb Anything larger will be denied.

  8. Before you move any further, look at the tabs and make sure you are on the tab labeled Info. This is the only tab that will allow us to add or change information about the Art Cluster If you are on any tab you will not be able to make the appropriate changes to your Art Cluster.


  9. The first item on the page is listed as Name. If you find that the name you previously entered is not descriptive enough, has been misspelled or needs to be changed in any way, you can do so with this field.


  10. Description is the next box and this is where you have the option to enter information about the Art Cluster. It is prudent to put things like the sizes being offered for the Art Cluster as well as any other required information that the customer may need to know to make sure that they are receiving the best possible prints of their images. This description box should be in layman’s terms. Generally, your customers are not going to be artists and may not understand some of the artist vernacular you use.


  11. Sizes are up next. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION OF THE PAGE. In this box, you will need to enter the sizes you are going to be offering in the cluster. You can offer as little as two and increase from there. We don’t generally recommend more than three or four. This box will determine not only how many images you are allowing your visitor to upload, but also what sizes the images should be.
    Please Note: All the sizes you enter here MUST be separated by a comma. DO NOT put in units of measurement like Feet or Inches. ALWAYS enter your sizes in WIDTH by HEIGHT If they’re in a height by width format the system will not recognize this and will not offer an 8x10 as a 10x8. The system takes EXACTLY what you entered in at face value and will make no changes.


  12. After you have entered your sizes the next item is labeled Require Cropping to Exact Size. This has a slider and can be set to On or Off. If set to On, this will force the visitor to crop each image to the exact size before the product can be added to their shopping cart. If this is set to Off, the customer will not be required to crop their images.


  13. Validate Image Quality is the following field and can be set to On or Off. If set to On, this will make use of the minimum PPI field you will set next, and force the visitor to upload a file that meets your minimum quality standards before the product can be added to their shopping cart. If set to Off, visitors will not be forced to meet to minimum PPI you have entered.


  14. Then, we have a section labeled Minimum PPI. Here you can enter in the preferred PPI that you want your customers to upload their images at. It’s incredibly important to remember that your customers likely aren’t going to be professional photographers and may be trying to use images from their phone. We suggest setting this to a slightly lower PPI (within reason for the sizes offered) so your customers can utilize this feature and you can make sales.


  15. Following Minimum PPI, we have the section labeled Price. Here you will need to enter the total dollar amount that you want to charge for the Art Cluster. This is not a PER PIECE price. This needs to be the price of the entire Art Cluster. Remember that you CAN NOT enter in a dollar sign or any other currency marker here or it will cause issues with the pricing.


  16. Shipping Weight is the following section. If you intend to charge your customers for shipping based on the weight of items in their cart, you will need to be sure to enter a number in this section. It is, however, important to remember that you cannot enter units of weight here. You cannot enter in things like lb or kg as this will cause an error and shipping weights will appear incorrectly.


  17. Finally, after you are satisfied with the information you have entered all the fields, you will need to click the button labeled Save. DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. If you click the back button you will lose all the changes you have made and you will have to redo all your work.

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