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Everything You Need to Know About Transaction Fees




Why do does ASF charge transaction fees?

First, we would like to take a moment to explain why ASF charges transaction fees so all of our customers can understand the purpose and mission behind it all. It's the transaction fees (alongside the monthly/annual payments) that enables us to provide:

  • Constant updates and new feature releases for the software.
  • Multiple avenues for customer support; phone calls, emails, and chats.
  • Marketing advisement/coaching at scale.
  • Marketing studies in order to come up with playbooks and strategies.
  • Our ability to facilitate and foster the Small Wins community into something of value for all.
  • Continual investment into more development of art selling features.

Marketing advice is one of the most expensive disciplines there are. One only needs to call a marketing consultant to find out how much one single project cost, or get a quote on what we are providing in the Small Wins group to understand that what we are doing here is unprecedented. 


How does it work?

Art Storefronts charges a transaction fee for specific order types; Art Prints, Originals, Limited Editions, and Polyptych Art. This applies to Artists, Galleries, Print Studios, and everyone in-between. Below you will find some information regarding transaction fees in relation to account types, including when they are applied and how they are paid. We'll also discuss how it works for countries outside of the US who are not using USD.

Please Note: If you are an Artist, transaction fees are applied to any purchase of $5 or more. If you are a Print Studio, transaction fees are applicable on ALL orders, no matter their size.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: ALL orders (test or not) of products are subject to transaction fees apart from the following scenarios:
1. You have set-up Standard Products. This ONLY applies to Standard Products but not all products in the Standard Store. Since there can be other product types in your Standard Store, the other products still pick up fees on the order.
2. Artists on the Self Fulfillment Plan when purchasing from their own store using the Everything You Need To Know About Retail, Self Made, and Wholesale Orders

Please see how to review different plans here: How To: Review Plan Types


Basic Transaction Fees

Artists (Self-Fulfilling and Automated Fulfillment) Using USD

  1. From the moment an Artist begins working with Art Storefronts, they will receive transaction fees. If a sale is made, a transaction fee may be applicable.
  2. Transaction Fees are IMMEDIATELY charged to the credit card on file and they are charged in USD
    1. If your credit card is declined, you will immediately receive an error message stating that there are unpaid fees.
    2. In order to pay those fees, update your credit card information (if necessary) and click on the section labeled “Invoices with Unpaid Fees” and you can then reattempt payment of the transactions fees.
  3. Transaction fees are dependent on the type of product being sold and are calculated in accordance with the fees set forth for your specified plan type.
  4. Whether you're an Automated Fulfillment Artists or Self-Fulfilling Artists, the transaction fee will be charged on the order Sub-total. this means that the transaction fee is not charged on things like shipping and taxes. You're only being charged the transaction fee for the total of the products purchased.
  5. For all Self-Made Orders, you will have a 0% transaction fee on the total of the order.  
    1. We feel it is vitally important for all of you to have a place to enter ALL of your orders - both offline and online - in order to keep your accounting, sales tax, and print fulfillment costs organized. If you keep this all in one place, it will make your life a TON easier as your business grows. Furthermore, wasting your time on low value activities like organization means you will have less motivation, and less spend time to spend on marketing -- which is the area that matters most for growing your sales.


Print Studios/Galleries (Fulfillment Partners and Non-Fulfillment Partners) Using USD

  1. Print Studios/Galleries who are not fulfillment partners will still be charged transaction fees.
  2. For Print Studios/Galleries, transaction fees ARE NOT charged immediately. Print Studios will receive an invoice on the first of each month for their transaction fees.
  3. Your transaction fees are charged based off of the total of the order. This includes the taxes and the shipping that's being charged on the order.


Transaction Fees for Those Not Using USD

Transaction fees are still applicable to customers who choose to use a currency other than USD. We do, however, accommodate for exchange rates. We get the latest exchange rates from the EU Central Bank and use this to apply it to transaction fee on the order, at the time of order (even if your payment for the transaction fee is declined, and you pay a few days later, we will still use the exchange rate captured on the order date).


Refund Policy for Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are non-refundable. If an order is processed through the Art storefront' system, the order will be charged a fee. If the order is canceled or refunded for any reason, this will not include a refund of the transaction fee. For further information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page. 




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