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How To: Create A Coupon That Requires A Code To Be Entered For A Discount On Shopping Cart Items


Users on Art Storefronts who are self-fulfilling and even using automated fulfillment now have the ability to create coupons for their customers. Print Studios and Galleries also have the ability to create coupons that they can offer to their customers. The only users who may not be able to create a coupon are those who are on the old, discontinued child sites.

There are many types of coupons that can be used and in this article we will be addressing how to create a coupon that your customer must enter a code to receive. This discount is going to be applied to items in the shopping cart. This will not apply to shipping costs. If you want to create a coupon that applies to the shipping cost, please see our article How To: Create a Coupon That Requires a Code To Be Entered For a Discount on Shipping.


Please Note: Before beginning this process, please be aware of the following:
  • Coupons expire at 12am CST, at the end of the selected day.
  • When a coupon is deleted, it is deleted from all shopping carts (or products) that have added the coupon within 1 hour. If you want to expire a coupon quickly, the best thing to do is delete it. 
  • The day after a coupon expires (so long as the expiration date is still set to yesterday), at 6am CST, the coupon will be removed from any shopping carts (or products) that have the coupon added. We have added the extra time to account for West Coast and Hawaii, and because it is always nice to give an unspoken grace period for customers rushing to get orders in at the deadline. It is therefore safe to change the expiration date after 8am CST on the following day after a coupon expires. To be absolutely safe, It is always best to delete the expired coupon to ensure that it has been removed from all carts and products, and just create a new one.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and in the Jump To Menu choose the option labeled Discount Coupons / Gift Cards.


  2. Click on the button labeled Add Coupon.

  3. When Should This Coupon Be Applied has two options. For this type of coupon, choose After The User Enters In A Code.

  4. Code is where you will need to enter the code you want your customers to enter in order to use the coupon.

  5. Apply Discount To will need to be set to Shopping Cart Items for this specific coupon.

  6. Allow Discount Based on has multiple options available. You will want to choose one.
    1. Not Quantity Specific: This will apply a single discount rate or amount to the shopping cart as a whole (i.e. the subtotal).
    2. Quantities of All Items In Shopping Cart: This will apply to all items in the shopping cart, but with the ability to set specific quantities that must be met for each (i.e. Buy 3, get 10% Off).
    3. Quantity of Specific Products: This allows you to choose exact product names from all the products you have on your website, and make them discountable. You can also require a minimum quantity. Maybe you want to close out or promote a specific item?
    4. Quantities of All Products Using Specific Media Types: This will allow you to set a discount for a print, within an art store page, that is using a specific media type. You can also require a minimum quantity. Maybe you want to offer a temporary discount on your canvas prints? (i.e. 30% OFF All Canvas Prints, or Buy 3 Canvas Prints, Get 30% OFF)
    5. Quantities of All Products Within Specific Stores: This will allow you to apply a discount to all products within an entire store. You can also require a minimum quantity. This is great if you want to provide a wholesale discount that can be used to buy anything in an upload store, or if you want to discount a particular category or artist in your art store.
    6. Quantity of A Line Item That Has The Same Medium(s) and Size(s): This feature is currently in BETA and may not work 100% of the time. This is used for discounts on multiple items of the same size and medium type.

  7. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Next.

  8. On the next page you will see the option labeled Available. It is a slider and if it is set to On the coupon will be available on the website. If it is set to Off the coupon will not be available.


  9. Code is where you can change the code customers need to enter if you find that it is an error or misspelling.


  10. Description is where you can enter a short description of what the coupon is for. In our example we mention that this coupon is for 20% off of the items on the site.


  11. is the date on which you want your coupon to be available for use on your site.


  12. Valid Through is the date on which you wish the coupon to expire.
    Please Note: The end date is set for 100 years in the future. This is by default so a coupon is not set to expire on the same day. This can be changed to any date you would like.


  13. Minimum Cart Subtotal Requirement is where you can set a price that must be met before the coupon can be used.


  14. No. Of Redemption is where you can set how many times a coupon can be used. If this is left empty, the coupon will be able to used infinitely.


  15. Coupon Type is where you can select whether you want the discount to be applied as a percentage or as a dollar amount.


  16. Amount is where you will enter in either the dollar amount or percentage that you would like your coupon to be.


  17. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save.


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