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How To: Create A Flat Rate Shipping Method


When you are starting on Art Storefronts, we strongly suggest using a Flat Rate Shipping Method. this is especially important for artists who are unsure of the weights and costs associated with shipping out their images via weight.


Before adding your shipping methods, we suggest researching shipping rates on FedEx and UPS. Make sure to open a Business Account with UPS or FedEx since the business shipping rates are much cheaper than the public rates.


Please Note: If you are an Artist using Automated Fulfillment, your shipping costs come from your Vendor, but when a customer purchases off your site, the shipping cost will be decided by the total price of the item including the mark-up on your site.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts account, and in the Jump To Menu, select the option labeled Shipping Methods.


  2. On the next page, click on the Add Shipping Method button.


  3. Make sure the Available slider is On.


  4. Give your Shipping Method a Name.


  5. In the Location-Based On section, choose either Country or State. For this example, we decided Country.


  6. Press Next


  7. You will see an option labeled Force Local Tax on the next page when selected. Leave this feature set to Off for Flat Rate Shipping.


  8. The Available on Child Site slider should be set to OFF unless you are a Fulfillment Partner.


  9. The Internal Description section is not required but can be used to write a brief description that only you will see regarding this Shipping Method.


  10. The Description box can be filled out with a brief description of the Shipping Method that your customer will see.


  11. In the Countries box, choose the Country you would like to apply this Shipping Method. In this example, we have chosen the US and Canada.


  12. Under the Calculate Shipping section, you can choose Cart Weight or Cart Subtotal. For this example, we chose Cart Subtotal as the cost is not being calculated based on weight.


  13. In the Amount By Cart Subtotal section, you can enter in as many Subtotals as you like along with the cost for the Flat Rate Shipping.
    Please Note: We need to set a lower and upper limit range for a given price you want to charge. Example:
    0 => 4.95 (beginning of range)
    4.99 => 4.95 (end of range)
    5 => 14.95 (beginning of range)
    10.99 => 14.95 (end of range)
    11 => 24.95

    Similar to Smart Pricing, the system will find the closest size/price pair and apply it. This is why you need to set the lower and upper ranges.


  14. When you are done, press Update, and the Shipping Method will save to your site.

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