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How To: Set Up a Custom Domain and Subdomain

WARNING: You need to follow these steps exactly, or your custom domain may not work properly, and your site will not be considered live.


Connecting a custom domain (i.e. with your Art Storefronts is a short, but important process. 

You need to own a domain name before you can do this.  We don't sell them, but you can go through any domain provider. For easy set up and great support, we recommend GoDaddy.

If you already own a domain name, fantastic! We accept all domains extensions (.com, .co, .uk, .au, .nz, etc),however, we will strongly recommend you to review the list of supported and unsupported domain registrar on our Master Article: How To: Set Up Custom Domains.

Looking for a guide for your specific Domain Host? You can find them in our Additional Resources Section at the bottom of this article and see if your host is listed there.

Once you own a domain, please follow these steps:

Quick Domain Setup - General

1. Login to your domain registrar's website.

2. Locate where you can edit your DNS zone, also referred to as Zone File, for your domain.

3. Add a "CNAME" record, where "www" points to

4. Save the added record.

5. Set up domain forwarding. In order for both "" as well as "" to work when typed in the address bar of your browser, you'll need to forward "" to "". Some domain registrars do not offer domain forwarding, in which case we would advise to transfer your domain to one that does. GoDaddy is great in this regard. Please click here for more information on this process.

6.  Login to your Art Storefronts account, and click on the Website you would like to add this custom domain to.

7.  Click on the Site Address tab.

8.  Click to Add New custom domain.  A window will appear, type in your domain name with the 'www' in front.

Quick Subdomain Setup - General

1) Add a "CNAME" (such as shop or gallery) record that points to

2) Click on the Site Address tab within Art Storefronts. 

3) Set your domain to

That's all!.

It usually takes somewhere between 4-24 hours before your domain registrar completes your request.  There is nothing we can do to speed this up, we simply wait until your domain reaches our servers.  

You will know once your custom domain is ready by typing in your domain '' in the address bar of your browser.  Your Art Storefront website should load successfully. 


Please note: If you are having trouble setting this up, we can do it for you. This will need you to share your login credentials with us. If you need us to set this up for you, please fill out the form here: Custom Domains Form


Additional Resources

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