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How To: Remove Or Add Borders To Paper Previews


If you want to remove or add borders to your paper prints, Art Storefronts has a few default options for you. Please keep in mind that these changes do require custom coding. If the code does not work or you alter it in any way at all, Technical support cannot and will not provide assistance with the coding.


White Border Removal

If you want to remove the white border (or change the size of the border) of your paper media types in the preview tool, you can add the following custom code in the CSS section of your theme:

#paper_preview img.frame-medium {

  border: 0px !important;

  padding: 0px !important;



If the above code causes issues with your framing, you can try the following code:

.frame-medium {

border: 0px solid white;

max-width: 460px;

max-height: 460px;



If you review the screenshot below, you will see that there is no white border.









Solid Black Border Addition

If you're looking to add a solid black border:

#paper_preview img.frame-medium {

  border: 27px solid #111 !important;


If you review the screenshot below, you will see that we now have a black border.




Border Addition to the Wall Preview


If you want your borders to appear in the wall preview tool, please sue the following code: img

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