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How To: Preview Images Uploaded In An Upload Store


If you are working in your upload store and need to test its functionality, there’s no need to continuously reupload photos. You can instead reuse the image you uploaded earlier. In this article we will walk you through how to do this. Please be aware that this only works for users with an Upload Store.


Please Note: Be very careful when doing this with any image other than the one you are using as a test image. If a customer has specifically cropped the image a certain way, any crop you make will overwrite it.  You can view the crop page without affecting their image in any way; just avoid committing a crop (by clicking on the continue button on the cropping page).


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and click on your Upload Store. In our example we will be using the store titled Upload Store.

  2. On the next page, scroll down to your test image and click on the icon that looks like a chain. This is the Link.

  3. You will then be taken to your Image on the front end where you can continue working on it and testing with it.

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