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Everything You Need To Know About The Unsold Cart Feature


If you’ve never ran an eCommerce store before, you won’t believe how many customers add items into their shopping carts and never complete the sale. These are called unsold carts. They usually happen because buyers get distracted during the buying process (maybe their phone rang right when they were shopping).


Having a strategy to pursue these unsold carts is an easy way to increase your sales. Most of the time, if you just reach out to these folks you’ll find that they thank you for reminding them that they had an order going.


With others, you might email them a discount code 1 week later to complete their purchase. Who knows, one of these unsold carts might turn out to be a new great customer. Whatever strategy you choose to use to pursue the unsold carts, this tool is immediately at your disposal to increase new your customer acquisition and maximize the orders that are coming in.

Unsold Cart feature is available only for customers who have already created accounts on your website.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel and in the Jump To Menu select Unsold Carts.

  2. You can click on each cart to review the details of the Unsold Cart.

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