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Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up Your Fulfillment Store As A Vendor


This set-up guide is only applicable to Print Studios on the Art Storefronts platform that have transitioned into being Approved Fulfillment Vendors. A Fulfillment Vendor is a print studio who has been invited, by Art Storefronts, to fulfill orders for other customers (namely Artists and Photographers) who also use the Art Storefronts Platform. A Fulfillment Vendor is not the same thing as our legacy Child Website Authorized Dealer Program. The Child Website Authorized Dealer Program has been discontinued.


Being a Fulfillment Vendor is not a right; it is a privilege and there are costs involved in participating. Fulfillment Vendors will only be approved after they agree, in writing, to the unique terms that apply to this specific program.  Not every Print Studio will have the ability to become a Fulfillment Vendor. Art Storefronts has the sole decision-making power in this instance and will only extend invitation to Print Studios which meet the program’s criteria. First, a Print Studio must demonstrate success with the Art Storefronts software. Second, a Print Studio must demonstrate overall success as company. Third, the Print Studio’s media types, equipment, ink and quality of their Art Storefronts website must be in adherence with the published Best Practises of Art Storefronts. Finally, the Print Studio must have a glowing working relationship with Art Storefronts. Once these criteria have been met, and at the discretion of Art Storefronts, an offer may be extended to the Print Studio.


If you would like more information regarding the Fulfillment Vendor Program, we strongly suggest you read our terms in our Fulfillment Vendor FAQ.


If you have been approved to become a Fulfillment Vendor with Art Storefronts, please review all of the steps listed below in order to ensure that your store is meeting the expectations put forth by Art Storefronts.


You must complete this guide fully and your site must be reviewed by the Technical Lead or Customer Success Manager before approval to begin assigning customers to your site will be given.



Creating A Fulfillment Store

  1. You will need to make sure you are logged in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and you will need to create a new Art Upload Store.
    1. While you may already have an Upload Store, we will require you to create another one that is for specific use in the Fulfillment Vendor Program. If you need a refresher on creating a store, see our article How To: Create An Art Upload Store.
    2. The name of your new Upload Store should reflect that it is specifically for Fulfillment. You can name it something like Fulfillment Upload Store.
  2. Once you’ve created your new Upload Store and you’ve given it a name, we require you to set its Online Status to Off.
    1. If you aren’t sure how to set the online status of a page to Off, you can do so by navigating to the Info tab of the Upload Store, finding the section labeled Online Status and setting it to Off. Do not forget to click Save after doing this.
  3. Once you’ve set the Online Status to Off you need to click on the tab labeled Media and you must create media types.
    1. You can use the default Breathing Color Media Types or you can create custom medium types. If you don’t remember how to do this, see our article How To: Add A Custom Media.
    2. Media Types you offer will be agreed upon ahead of site setup. Please refer to this list.
    3. You must also set your prices here. We strongly urge you to use Smart Pricing. For more information, see our article How To: Set Up Prices Using Smart Pricing.
  4. Once you’ve created every media type that you want to offer for Fulfillment you need to click on the Frames tab and add frames.
    1. You must offer frames.
    2. You can use the Breathing Color or Larson Juhl frames, or you can make custom frames. For more information on this, see our article How To: Add Custom Frames.
  5. Next you need to click on the Styles tab and select the finishes you want to offer.
    1. If you do not add any finishes or don't leave any finishes turned on, the store will not function properly. 
    2. We strongly urge you to create custom finishes for your store as they are more dynamic and variable than the defaults we offer. To learn more about creating custom finishes, see How To: Create Custom Style Finishes. We also recommend you review How To: Add Print Options To An Art Upload Store.
  6. Once you've created your Store, you must go to the tab labeled Info & Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the option labeled Default Parent Store For Child Sites and select the store you want to use with the artists using you as a Fulfillment Vendor
  7. Once you’ve completed these steps please send an e-mail to and in the Subject line enter “ATTENTION: TECHNICAL LEAD/CS MANAGER- Upload Store Review Request


Setting Your Default Fulfillment Store


Once the Technical Lead or CS Manager has reviewed your store and has confirmed that it is properly set up you will need to set it as your default store. Review the directions below on how to do this.


  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager and click on the tab labeled Site Settings.
  2. You’ll be taken to a new page where you must make sure you are on the tab titled Info.
  3. Scroll down the page until you find a section labeled Default Parent Store For Child Websites.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select the Fulfillment Store you previously completed setting up.
  5. Then, you must click save. This will tell our system that the media, styles and pricing for the artists connected to you will need to come from the Fulfillment store specifically.
  6. After you’ve completed this step, send an e-mail to and title it “ATTENTION: TECHNICAL LEAD/CS MANAGER- Default Store Review Request



Setting Up Stripe


Once the Technical Lead or CS Manager has reviewed the settings in regards to the Default Store, you will need to begin working on your payment gateways.

  1. Connect Stripe via the Integrations section of your site.
    1. To learn how to add Stripe via the integrations, see our article Everything You Need To Know about Setting Up Stripe
  2. Set Stripe up in the Shopping Cart Area of your site.
    1. To learn about setting up Stripe in the shopping cart area, review How To: Add Your Stripe Secret Key To Your Shopping Cart.
  3. Once these steps have been completed, contact us at with the subject line “ATTENTION: TECHNICAL LEAD/CS MANAGER- Stripe Review



Setting Up Shipping

You will need to create shipping methods up for your site. 

  1. Create a Shipping Method for your site. If you need more information on this, please review How To: Set Up Shipping Prices By Weight or How To: Create A Flat Rate Shipping Method.
    Please Note: You should always base your shipping costs off of what it will actually cost YOU to ship the item. These shipping prices should NEVER be calculated based on what your artists are charging. This should always be consistent.


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