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[Canada] BETA Fulfillment Vendor: Nelson Fine Art Printing



Contact Information

City, Province, and Country: St. Nelson, British Columbia Canada
Contact Phone Number:  (250) 352-7799
Contact E-mail Address:

This company offers a free, single test print to Artists who are interested in using them as a Fulfillment Vendor.


Company Bio

Derrick Bruce is the owner and operator of Nelson Fine Art Printing, a small boutique Print Shop located in British Columbia. His shop caters to professionals or those looking for the highest quality in custom printing.

Derrick started his career as a professional photographer in 1998 and moved into professional printing in 2008. At that time, he realized that a person with a vision for what a print can be is actually just as important to the final product as the quality of tools being used to create it. Because of this, he's crafted a recipe to make sure his customers are happy.

  1. Start with top-tier tools
  2. Have the skills to use those tools
  3. Add in a hefty serving of vision

Derrick likes to stress though, that even if the recipe is simple, just like Grandma’s cookies, it can still take years to perfect. His work is paying off and he’s making customer everywhere happy with the prints they receive.


Minimum Required PPI

Nelson Fine Art Printing requires a minimum of 72PPI on all images uploaded by Automated Fulfillment users.

Please note: These images must still be high-quality. Low-quality images will limit your print sizes to only small sizes.  


Pricing Sheet

Here's a price breakdown of Nelson Fine Art's Printing Prices. The table displays the different mediums and most popular sizes. For more information about their products and services, please visit our main website at


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