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[Self-Fulfilling] How To: Upload Images to an Art Print Store


If you are going to be photographing your art on your own, please read our blog on How To Photograph Your Artwork for Reproductions. Here, we lay our specific recommendations on equipment for photographing artwork, as well as a checklist for the basic process using lights and either a 24MP DSLR or a smartphone.

Upload Your Image


If you don’t upload your images, you won’t have prints to sell. The correct way to do this is to upload them into your Art Print Store (commonly named Warehouse). This is the only store type which will allow you to create and configure print products, so don’t try to create them in a standard store.


Creating a print product is very straightforward. All you need to do is to upload an image.

If you find later that you need to add a new image and replace the previous image for the Art Print Product, you will need to upload the new image into the Art Print Store while following the instructions in the article How To: Replace Images After They Have Been Uploaded to replace the previous Art Print Product image


  1. Let’s start by creating a new product. Log in to your Site Manager, and find your Art Print Store. By default, the one in my example is named Warehouse. Yours may be named something different. Click on this.
  2. On this page make sure you are on the Products tab.
  3. Find the button labeled +ADD PRODUCTS and click on it. Art Storefronts Recommendation: Don’t upload multiple images at once. Upload ONE image to start with, after you’ve learned how sizes are calculated, because you’re going to want to double-check the sizes offered before progressing.
  4. The windows that pops up will display files on your computer. Navigate to the image on your computer which you want to upload and click on it. This will select the image for you and you should see an outline appear around it.

    Art Storefronts Recommendation: If you’ve checked your images by uploading one you can upload several images at a time. To do this you can hold down the CONTROL button (on PC) or the COMMAND button (on a MAC) and click on several images. DO NOT UPLOAD MORE THAN 3-5 IMAGES AT A TIME. Uploading more than 3-5 images at a time may cause some uploads to fail or may cause the upload processing time to take much longer than necessary.
  5. When you’re sure you have selected the image, find the button labeled Open and image or images you have selected will begin to upload.
  6. The browser window will darken, and the status of your upload will be displayed.
  7. After the images have uploaded, you can scroll down the page and you will see that your images are now uploaded to the website and ready for use.



Check Image Sizes


Before you go any further and get in too deep with uploading your images, you need to upload one and check its sizes. We’ll show you how to do this here.

  1. You should already be in the Art Print Store where you just uploaded your image. There is a link labelled Edit which you should click on now.
  2. Now select the tab labelled Available Sizes.
  3. You should see all the sizes available for this image. If you find there aren’t enough sizes offered or the sizes are very small, you need to go back and reread the section about Image Sizes and what you need to do. Sizes can be individually enabled and disabled, and for convenience you may find the Toggle All:Off and Toggle All:On switches to the right of the sizes to be useful. Just make sure you click on the Save button after making any changes, so your changes will be saved.



Troubleshooting Common Issues

My sizes aren’t large enough

First and foremost, Art Storefronts will only offer and display sizes that will produce good results when printed. This is all based on the file you have supplied to the platform.

How can I offer larger sizes?

Did you attempt to shoot images yourself, from a mobile phone?

Mobile phones cannot, yet, produce large enough resolution images to be able to print large files. If this is the way you captured your images, you can get a DSLR camera and shoot them or you can have your art captured professionally. If this is something you are not willing to do, you will have to live with the quality limitations of your mobile phone. Art Storefronts cannot make any exceptions here.

Did you get your art captured professionally?

Usually, professional capture provides extremely high-resolution images. In most cases, you will not have limitations in terms of being able to offer larger sizes. If you have found that you are having limitations, please contact us. You may also want to contact the company who captured your images and have them inspect what they provided you to ensure that you are working with high resolution files.



What do I Do Next?


Since you got all your images uploaded, now's the time to start working on your media types! Figure out which mediums you want to offer and those that you don't want to offer. For more information, check out our video, How To: Enable and Disable Mediums in an Art Print Store

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