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[Automated Fulfillment] How To: Enable a Tax Method


Taxes are wholly dependent upon your local and state government, but to help you get set up quickly and get going on marketing, Art Storefronts offers a way to create a state-wide tax method.

If there are more specific tax requirements for your state, province or country, you may always set those up later. Art Storefronts strongly recommends creating a state or province wide tax method to start with. You can come back and change it later.



Art Storefronts cannot give you specific tax advice. We are not accountants nor are we versed in the tax laws of all communities. If you require specific information or assistance, you will need to contact a CPA local to you or contact your local tax agency for more information.


What do I do next?

Your next step is going to be to set up shipping method for any non-print products you might sell. To learn about setting up a shipping method, check out the article How To: Contend with Shipping.

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