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[Originals/Limited Editions] How To: Add Products to a Standard Store

The first thing you want to do with your Art Storefronts website is upload images. If you don't upload images you won't have products to sell. The best place to do this for originals or limited editions is in a Standard Store (named Warehouse). This is the only place where uploaded images will be offered as Originals or Limited Editions, so don't stray and upload images elsewhere or you might accidentally get yourself off track.


We have recently added a new feature which allows you to add newly uploaded products directly to your product galleries without leaving your Store. For more information please view this video.


What do I do next?

You should be all done in your Standard Store! Now, you can move on to setting up your home page to be a gallery of subject matter categories. This is one of the most important steps you can complete, so check out our article How To: Make your Home Page a Gallery of Subject Matter Categories to learn more.

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