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[Originals/Limited Editions] How To: Create a Standard Store for Originals and Limited Editions


As an artist on Art Storefronts who is only selling things like Originals or Limited Editions, you’re going to need to make a couple of changes to your basic set-up on the site. Most artists who use Art Storefronts are selling Open Editions, so the basic site setup is geared toward them.


There’s no need to worry, though. You’re going to learn how to create a Standard Store for yourself because that’s where you’re going to be able to offer your Originals, Limited Editions, Panel Art, Calendars and Standard Products.


Create a Standard Store

  1. You should already be on the PAGES tab of your Art Storefronts This is on the back-end of the site and if you scroll down, there’s a button labeled +ADD PAGE. Go ahead and find that button and click on it.

  2. A pop-up will appear and the first thing on the page is a section titled Name. This is where you’ll want to enter a name for the Standard Store. Art Storefronts strongly suggests naming it something like Originals Warehouse or Limited Editions Warehouse. This will allow you to easily identify your store.

  3. Then, there’s a section titled Type of Page. Under this section, you need to find the section labeled Store and put the little dot next to it. You need to make sure you use the Store option because it’s the only page type that’s going to allow you to upload products.

  4. When you’re sure, that you’ve filled everything out normally, you can click the CREATE button.

  5. On the next page, you’ll be given two different options for a store. You MUST select the Standard Store If you select anything other than the Standard Store option, you won’t be able to upload your images or limited editions.

  6. Click on CREATE.

  7. Your Standard Store is going to load up, but you aren’t done just yet. Look on the page and find the tab titled INFO and click on it.

  8. Find the Appears In Navigation Menu? section on the next page and set it to Off. You don’t need this to appear in the navigation menu of your site because you’ll be setting up the home page as a gallery of subject matter categories and people won’t need access to this Warehouse.

  9. Then, go ahead and click the Save DO NOT click the back button.




  1. I can’t create a new page. When I click on the create button, I get an error message.
    1. If you are getting an error message saying the page can’t be created, you likely haven’t given the page a name. Pages cannot be created without a name, so the system will give you an error message.
    2. If you aren’t getting an error message and the page just won’t create, you may need to use an approved browser. If you’re using anything other than Firefox or Chrome, you should stop and use either Chrome or Firefox.
    3. If you’re using an approved browser, you may need to clear your cache. Check out how to clear the cache by using the article on How To: Clear your Cache.


What do I do next?

Congratulations! You just created your Standard Store, and this is going to allow you to start selling your Originals, Limited Editions and other Self-Fulfilled items. Right now, you just have the framework created. Next, you’re going to need to start adding products to your Standard Store. To learn how to add products to your Standard Store, please check out the article How To: Add Products to a Standard Store.


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