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[Originals/Limited Editions] How To: Request a Technical Site Audit


If you’ve reached this article it means your site is live and you’ve gone through our Quick Launch guide. If you remained diligent to the guide and followed it to a T, your website should be ready to go 100%, but as a failsafe mechanism, Art Storefronts offers you the option to have a Technical Support agent perform a Technical Site Audit for you.



Request a Site Audit

A Technical Site Audit is when an agent goes through the Quick Launch guide and compares everything on it to your website. Thy go through and make sure everything has been done properly and that you are legitimately ready to begin your marketing journey.


To ask for a Technical Site Audit, e-mail and one of our team members will reach out to let you know you’ve been added to the audit queue.


These audits can take 2-3 business days for Art Storefronts to complete depending on the volume of requests previously received. However, once and audit is complete, an agent will craft an e-mail and send it to you with any information you may need to correct. If there’s nothing to correct, they will let you know you’re good to go.


What do I do next?

Your next step is MARKETING! Get yourself in to the Facebook group and start marketing. If you need more information about the group check out our article How To: Join the Facebook Small Wins Group.


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