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How To: Make Changes to Billing Items on your Site


The billing page is your go-to for all your account and payment needs. This page is where you can make payments, view past payments, view your licenses, and update your payment methods. If ever you come across an issue with your billing or you’d like to make changes this is going to be where it is done.

It is particularly important for you to be hyper-aware of any changes you are making within these pages as it directly effects your account. If you run into any issues or want to upgrade or change your plan, you should e-mail and one of our Success Coordinators will assist you further.

How To: Update Your Credit Card On File For ASF Payments If you have a new credit card or you are looking to update your current payment method because your card is expiring, etc. you may access this article for information on how to make updates to your payment method.
How To: Retry a Failed Payment

If your subscription fee was declined and you want to reattempt the payment, this is the article for you. Please know that Art Storefrtonts will try charging the card three times. If it fails all three times you can't restart your subscription, but our Billing team can, so please email

How To: Review Unpaid Invoices  If an order comes through on your website and your card on file was unable to be charged, there will be unpaid invoices on the site. You will need to rectify these immediately in order to make sure orders process properly. 
How To: Review your Payments If you'd like to look at the records of payments that have been made on your account, this article will walk you through that process.
How To: Review Plan Types If you think you may want to upgrade your plan or choose a different plan for Art Storefronts, this section will walk you through the process of accessing the page with the plan information that you will need. 
How To: Review your Site License If you're interested in reviewing your license or you want to find your next bill date, this article can walk you through to the correct page. 
Learn: Everything you Need to Know About Transaction Fees Transaction fees are dependent on your plan, but this article will explain when a transaction fee is charged and any other information about fees that you may need (THIS SECTION DOES NOT DETAIL THE AMOUNT OF A FEE, BECAUSE THIS IS DEPENDENT ON YOUR PLAN TYPE). 
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