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How To: Reset your Art Storefronts Password


We understand that it is frustrating being unable to access your Art Storefronts account. Because of this, Art Storefronts allows you to reset your password. If for some reason you have issues resetting your password, please e-mail as soon as possible. One of our Technical Agents will help you as quickly as possible.


  1. Navigate to Art Storefronts and click on the button labeled Login.

  2. Click on the blue link labeled Forgot Username or Password.

  3. In the box labeled e-mail, enter in the e-mail address you used for you Art Storefronts account.

  4. Click on Reset Password.

  5. Open your e-mail program and find the e-mail from Art Storefronts regarding your password.

  6. Click on the link included in the e-mail.

  7. Enter your new password.

  8. Click update password.

  9. You will then receive a message stating your password was updated.

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