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How To: Show a Coupon Code in the Instant Confirmation Message


If you are looking for more ways to get the coupon code from the lead capture tool to your customer, you can do so by providing the code in the Instant Confirmation message section of the tool. It will require a small bit of code, but Art Storefronts has provided that code below.


Here is the code you will need to use:<p><span style="color:#00FF00; font-size: 1em;">Success! </span> Use the Code <b>FIRST20</b> to get 20% at checkout!</p>




What do I do next?

Now that you've completed the set up for your Lead Capture Tool, you can look into creating a sign-up form for use at Art Fairs or Shows or any time you are out and about trying to sell your Art. It's an easy way to obtain more subscribers to your newsletter and saves you the trouble of having people write them down and then manually entering them in later. If you're like more information about this, check out How To: Create an Email Sign Up Form for Tradeshows and Exhibitions.

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