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How To: Use the Live Preview "Augmented Reality " Tool


Why did we create this?

Overall as a company, we believe that by focusing on the art buyer, and providing the best experience possible for the art buyer, is what ultimately will give an artist or photographer the best chance at succeeding.  While our competition (the generic website platforms) focus on creating the best “website creator” for the small business owner.  These are two entirely different philosophies that lead to two entirely different outcomes.  If you focus only on the small business owner, you end up with a happy small business owner who happily created their website and loves all the generic features and site building tools.  But where the art buyer in all of this?  Notice that they are not the priority - you are.  The art buyer is a distant second or maybe not a priority at all. But who is the website really for — you, or for your art buyers?  As with any business that doesn’t prioritize their customer first and foremost in all decisions, sales will suffer.


As a company that believes in customer obsession (thank you Jeff Bezos), we believe the art buyer (your customer) must be prioritized as much as the artist (our customer).  We therefore obsess about the art buyer and you.  And when your priority includes the art buyer, you end up making different decisions about features and priorities.  You try to do everything you can to make their experience better because you know it will lead to the maximization of art sales.  And if our artists are selling more, we believe will end up with more happy customers.  One comes before the other.  And so, wherever and whenever we can, we look for opportunities to improve the art buying experience.

How do I enable it?

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Art Storefronts Site Manager. From there, select your Art Print Store, or Warehouse.


  2. Once you’re in your Art Print Store, select the Info tab.


  3. After you’ve clicked on the Info tab, scroll down to the section labeled Display Live Preview Tool and set the slider to On.


  4. When the slider is set to On, click the blue Save button.

  5. From here, you can go to your live site on a mobile device or a computer with a camera and preview an image in real time on any wall, anywhere.

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