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Learn: Everything You Need to Know About the GDPR Overlay


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About the GDPR

GDPR is an important part of keeping potential customers safe and one of the most important things you need to know about your site. While Art Storefronts alone cannot make sure your site is GDPR compliant, we do provide tools to help you on this journey. Below you'll find a link to a privacy policy ASF has written in plain English.


Setting up the GDPR Overlay

All the settings you need in order to enable or disable the overlay are found in the Site Editor under the Header & Footer section, and on the GDPR Consent Overlay tab.

Probably the most important is the first setting Display. By changing this, you can toggle whether or not the overlay will be displayed to your customers when they visit the site.



If you scroll down the next text box, Text For Consent Overlay, is where you will have the text that is displayed on the overlay on your site.



The default text we suggest using is as follows:

'This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.'

The final box, labelled Your Privacy Page, is where you would select a privacy page if you have written one up and added it to your site. For most people this would be unnecessary, and you can safely leave this field blank.



The GDPR Overlay in use

In practice using the default options, what your customers will see with the bar enabled is a black bar at the bottom of their browser window when they first visit your site.

This will be displayed at the bottom of every page of your site which they view until they click on Got it!. If they click Got it! the overlay will disappear and they will continue to be able to access the site without further issue. 

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