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How to: Create Product Galleries with Specific Products from My Store Pages


When you are creating your home page, there are a couple of different things you need to complete to make sure everything is set up correctly. The first step you need to take is creating the categories and populate your images in them.


This page allows you to easily display products that have been created within your Art Print Store and Standard Store pages. Once this page is created, you will be able to hand pick the products that you want to show up.


We recommend creating one of these pages for each subject matter category that you have. For example, if you have images of "horses" and "beaches", you will want to create a dedicated Product Gallery page for each.


Art Storefronts Recommendation
Before you begin this process, you must have images uploaded to either your Art Print Store or Standard Store. If you don’t have any images or products uploaded, you won’t be able to complete this process in part or in its entirety.


  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel. This is sometimes called the back-end of the site or the Site Manager. They all mean the same thing. When you’re sure you’re logged in, click on the button labeled +ADD PAGE.


  2. In the Name section of the new window, you need to provide a name to your category. This name will appear on your live site, so you need to make sure it is spelled properly and is clear and concise. You want customers to look at this and know more or less what is contained in the category itself.


  3. Type of Page is the next option on the page. You MUST select the option labeled Product Gallery. If you choose any other option, you will not create the page properly and you will have to redo the process.

  4. mceclip1.png
  5. When you’re sure the field has been completed appropriately, you can click on the button labeled Create.

  6. You’ll be taken to a new page and presented with multiple options. You need to select the option under Recommended labeled Specific Products.


  7. Once you’re sure you selected the correct option, click on Create.


  8. A new page is going to load, and this is your first Product Gallery. Look and make sure you are on the tab labeled ADD/REMOVE PRODUCTS. If you aren’t on this tab, you will not see the information we reference.


  9. The first section you’ll see is Search For Products with several drop-downs. You can use the following:
    Filter By Store: This allows you to choose which Store on your site you want the images to populated from.
    Filter By Category: In addition to filtering by Store, if you’ve created a folder within the store, you can select them from this drop-down
    Filter By Keyword: You can use this if you’ve tagged images with specific keywords- THESE ARE NOT THE META KEYWORDS.
    Please Note: You don’t HAVE to filter anything. If you choose not to filter anything all the products on your site will appear.


  10. After you’ve selected the filter options, click the Apply button.


  11. Scroll down the page until you see the images that have been populated. You can put a checkmark next to the images you want to put in this category OR you can Bulk Select every image if you want it in this specific category.


  12. When you’ve selected the appropriate images, click the button labeled ADD SELECTED.


  13. Move to the top of the page and click on the tab labeled VIEW & SORT PRODUCTS.


  14. From here, you can Drag & Drop your images into any order you like. Make sure to click Save when you are done ordering the images.


  15. Any image in the list can be set as the cover (thumbnail) of the Product Gallery that appears on the live site. Just hover over the image, and click on the Make Cover button. This will Auto-Save.

  16. The cover image will always have a cover tag at the top right corner.


  17. From here, go through and complete this same process for EVERY category you want to appear on your live site.

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