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Learn: Everything You Need to Know About the Terms Used on Art Storefronts


As a new customer to Art Storefronts, you may hear words or terms that don't immediately make sense or that seem out of place to you. We understand that building a website and being a business owner can be very intense so we wanted to give you a cheat sheet to refer back to to help you understand the vernacular you're going to see and hear on a daily basis when working with Art Storefronts.


Art Print Store

A storage area where you upload your high-quality images that will be used to make open edition prints.

Automated Fulfillment Artist

Artists who are connected to a print studio that prints and ships out print orders on their behalf.


The area of your Art Storefronts account where you can edit the different pages and elements of your website. Also called the Site Manager or Control Panel.


A page that contains articles you have written. You can think of it like a journal.

Domain Name

A website address such as or similar. You will usually get these through companies like GoDaddy.

Domain Registrar

A company that you can get a domain name from. Art Storefronts is NOT a domain registrar. A domain registrar would be a company like GoDaddy or similar.


The name you give to a group of images. Think of it like organizing your images into folders and then naming that folder.


A page that your website visitors can enter information on, such as a contact page.

Fulfillment Vendor

A print studio connected to the Art Storefronts platform that will print and ship out orders on behalf of Artists such as Bay Photo or Print Partner.

Keywords as Categories

A keyword that will turn into a clickable thumbnail on your live site. Any images that contain this keyword will appear on your live site when a visitor clicks on the thumbnail created by that keyword.


Once you have connected a domain name to your Art Storefronts site, your website will be officially launched. This means that people will be able to find it using Google and other search engines. It also means that people can freely visit your website and make purchases.

Lead Capture Tool

This is the pop-up window that appears when someone first visits your website. It is a useful marketing tool for collecting e-mail addresses. It is a premium feature and is not available on all plans.

Live Site

How your website appears to the public.


A company/service that will keep e-mail addresses organized for you and allows you to send out mass e-mails and newsletters.

Payment Gateway

A company/service that will allow you to take payments through your website.

Product Gallery

A page that displays images from your Art Print Store or Standard Store, so they appear on your live site. Think of it like a blank wall that you can hang pictures on.

Self-Fulfilling Artist

Artists who are not connected to an Art Storefronts print vendor. All printing and order shipments are handled by the artist.

Site Manager

The back end of your site that has your PAGES, HEADER & FOOTER, SITE ADDRESS, THEME, INFO & SETTINGS, and SUCCESS PLAN tabs.

Standard Page

A page that you can add text, images, and links to. This would be used for About Me, FAQ, and similar pages.

Standard Product

A product that is not an original art piece, limited edition art piece, or print. All standard products are always uploaded in a Standard Store. Hats and mugs would be examples of a Standard Product.

Standard Store

A storage area where you upload images of your original pieces, limited editions, or other products that are not prints.


Short pieces of information that help clarify what something is for. You can view them by hovering your mouse over the small blue circles with a white question mark inside it. They appear in different areas on the back-end of your site.

Live Art Show

Live art shows are a fun, entertaining and exclusive event that your audience will want to attend. This is a closing tactic and the Live Art Show Playbook that our marketing team has put together, can help you through the execution of the entire strategy, step by step. 


An Upsell is an offer that is presented to the customers immediately after they had placed their order. The credit card information is saved on file, and still live on the order. All that the customer has to do, to purchase this additional product is consider the offer and click one button to buy it.

Order Bump

An Order Bump is an offer that is presented to the customers just before they finalize their order, directly on the checkout page. The Order Bump product is simply added to their existing cart and made into an order after they complete their purchase. All that the customer has to do, to purchase this additional product is consider the offer and click one button to buy it.

Facebook API

The Conversions API allows us to send web events from our server directly to Facebook. Server events are linked to a pixel and are processed like browser pixel events.

This means that server events are used in measurement, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events. Your ads become more stable and reporting more accurate.


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