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How To: Use Automatic Tax Calculations by Zip Code


In an effort to make tax calculation as easy as possible on our customers, Art Storefronts has implemented a feature that allows its customers to automatically calculate taxes based on the zip codes in their own, home state. 


In this article, we will show you how to use the zip code feature. In addition, we will show you how to use the automatic zip code feature in addition to zip code overrides.


  1. Make sure you are logged in to the Art Storefronts Control Panel. This is sometimes called the back-end of the site or the Site Manager. These all mean the same thing. When you’re sure you’re logged in, find the Jump To Menu and within it, click on the option labeled Tax Method.


  2. You’re going to be taken to a new page and you need to find the section labeled Tax Calculation Determined By and in the drop-down menu, you’ll see a few different items that we will explain below, but you’ll need to select only one:
    Tax Methods Only: No automatic tax calculations will be made. The only tax that will be applied to your orders will be based on the Tax Methods that you have created. You should choose this option if you do not want to use the automatic tax calculations.
    Automatic w/ Tax Methods as Overrides: Taxes will be calculated automatically based on current tax rates by zip code within the State you specified in your address in the INFO & SETTINGS section. You can override a specific rate for zip code(s) by creating a Tax Method below. Keep in mind that if you create a Tax Method, that Tax Method will always override the automatic tax calculation for the specific country, state, or zip code(s) specified. You need to select this option if you want to use the automatic calculations.
    Please Note: Using the Automatic w/ Tax Methods as Overrides will ONLY calculate taxes for zip codes in your HOME STATE. It will not calculate taxes for zip codes in states that DIFFER from your home state.

    If you wish to set taxes up for states outside of your own, you will need to create them using the method found in How To: Create a Tax Method for an Entire State.


  3. Click the button labeled UPDATE.


  4. You can now navigate to your Live Site and go through the checkout process. The tax should calculate for your home state.

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