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[Fulfillment Vendors] How To: Offer Coupons to Artists Connected to your Site via Art Storefronts


If you’re a Fulfillment Vendor on the Art Storefronts platform, you may want to offer your customers special coupons at specific times of year or for specific holidays or events. To help you do this, Art Storefronts has implemented the ability for you to offer those coupons to the artists who are connected to you.


  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Art Storefronts Control Panel. This is sometimes called the back-end of the site or the Site Manager. They each mean the same thing.

    When you’re sure you’re logged in, find the Jump to Menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and from the drop-down, select the option labeled Discount Coupons.


  2. Now, you’re going to need to create the coupon for the users on your site, so, click on the button labeled +ADD COUPON.


  3. A new page is going to load, and you’ll see a section titled When Should this Coupon be Applied and in the drop-down menu, you need to select the option After the User Enters a Code.
    Please Note: Your customer will not have to enter a code to receive the discount, however you must select this option because if you select the Automatic option it will not work properly. This is just a functionality of the site currently.


  4. Code is the next box and you can leave this empty if you like, but you may want to add a code in here to remind you what the coupon is for.


  5. Apply Discount to should be Shopping Cart Items. Avoid using the Shipping Amount Shopping Cart Items is going to be a better choice for you.


  6. After that there’s the section labeled Allow Discount Based On and here you can select any option you would like to use. Please be very careful when selecting your options. You need to understand them fully. We’ll list them below, but you can always refer to the tooltip for information:

    Not Quantity Specific - This will apply a single discount rate or amount to the shopping cart as a whole (i.e. the subtotal)
    Quantities of all items in Shopping Cart - This will apply to all items in the shopping cart, but with the ability to set specific quantities that must be met for each (i.e. Buy 3, get 10% Off)
    Quantities of Specific Products - This allows you to choose exact product names from all the products you have on your website, and make them discountable. You can also require a minimum quantity
    Quantities of all products using Specific Media Types - This will allow you to set a discount for a print, within an art store page, that is using a specific media type. You can also require a minimum quantity (i.e. 30% OFF All Canvas Prints, or Buy 3 Canvas Prints, get 30% OFF)
    Quantities of all products within Specific Stores - This will allow you to apply a discount to all products within an entire store. You can also require a minimum quantity. This is great if you want to provide a wholesale discount that can be used to buy anything in an upload store, or if you want to discount a category or artist in your art store
    Quantity of a line item that has the same Medium(s) and Size(s) - This will allow you to apply a discount to a specific line item added to a shopping cart. If the line item contains the specific medium and size specified in this coupon, the discount will be applied


  7. When you’re sure you’ve selected the coupon option that works best for you, click on the button listed as NEXT.


  8. After that, you’ll be taken to the coupon proper and the first option is a slider named Available. This can be set to On or Off. If it’s On, the coupon will be available, if set to Off, it will not be.


  9. Code is next, and you should put something in this box, so the coupon has a name that specifies the coupon.


  10. Description is the follow-up which is where you can write yourself a brief description to remind you what the coupon is for.


  11. Start Date is the date on which the coupon should be available.


  12. Expires On is the date that the coupon becomes inactive. By default, this is set to 100 years in the future. If that doesn’t work for you, change it.


  13. Minimum Cart Subtotal Requirement is the follow-up. If you want to require a minimum cart subtotal (before shipping, taxes, and discounts) for this coupon to be valid, enter the dollar amount here. If you don’t, leave this empty.


  14. No of Redemptions is where you can set how many times you’d like your Fulfillment Artist to use the coupon.


  15. Coupon Type is where you can set whether you want a specific dollar to amount off to be applied to the cart or percentages off.


  16. Amount is where you would enter the dollar amount or percent off you want to offer.
    Warning: If you put special characters, like dollar signs or percent signs, in this box, you will break it and it will not work.


  17. When you’re done filling out each field, make sure you click the Save DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. You will lose all the work you just completed, and you will have to restart.


  18. After you’ve saved the coupon, you need to return to the coupon list and you can do this by scrolling up the page and clicking on the blue link labeled Coupons.


  19. On the next page, there’s a section labeled Coupon for Fulfillment Orders and in the drop-down, select the coupon you’d like to offer to your customers.


  20. The page will automatically save for you and your customer will then have a banner telling them a coupon is available.

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